• Kate Thompson

    Kate Thompson

    UXR in Manchester U.K.

  • Simon Wilson

    Simon Wilson

    Independent strategist, designer and team builder. Previously: Agency land big cheese; Senior designer at HMRC, DWP, and NHS Jobs; Design lead on #NHSbeta.

  • Janice Hannaway

    Janice Hannaway

  • Konnie Zarnaveli

    Konnie Zarnaveli

    UX Designer. Scientist. Creative. London, UK. Find me at linkedin.com/in/konnie-zarnaveli and konniezarnaveli.com

  • Jen Thomson

    Jen Thomson

    UX Designer. Music lover. Dundonian. Geek. Blether. Masterchef. Creative genius.

  • caitlinconnors


    Founder, Bright Harbour. Research, Design & Social Innovation. Understand people, make things better.

  • Julie Sun

    Julie Sun

    Senior UX Consultant at @cxpartners | Mindful Optimist

  • Jacinta McMahon

    Jacinta McMahon

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